ICE Seafood understands the essence of creating fresh, healthy, ecologically-sensitive seafood products. We supply the best natural seafood, the finest fishes such as salmon and trout, from the crystal-clear waters of Norway so that you can enjoy fresh, delicious food and benefit your health!

from pure ice to healthy food

Norway is a country of awe-inspiring nature and rich marine traditions. Everything here, from incredible fiords to mountain slopes and picturesque valleys, is associated with fresh and healthy food. Unique, cutting edge technology in the fish farming industry make Norwegian seafood the best in the world.

We use pure waters from 10 000 years old glacier in the creation of our fish that is why we are called ICE Seafood!


Seafood products are very sophisticated and healthy. They are perfect for a festive table and for a healthy diet. Seafood is light and tasty as well as being rich with the most essential nutrients. We can guarantee the highest quality for our products and we are glad to tell you «Vær så god!» which means «You are welcome!»


Our aim is to be the best business partner to our clients as well as to our suppliers. We operate with the utmost level of honesty and transparency in our interactions with clients and suppliers, appreciate their business and aim to provide a constantly high level of service!